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University Learning System
100 Liter/25 Gallon batch
400 Liter/100 Gallon batch
11,500 Liter / 24 Hours
  Start Up
Extended Support
  BIO 1 - 1,200 Liters / Day
BIO 2 - 2,400 Liters / Day

The BIO line of reactors is the result of over 12 years of research and development by Ricardo G. Carlstein. Today, over 400 sites in 24 countries are producing high quality Biodiesel using the BIO line of reactors. Currently the BIO line of reactors is in its seventh generation and keep evolving. BIO reactors have been designed to minimize maintenance, maximize ease of use and to consistently produce high quality Biodiesel. All units are fitted with a proprietary design static mixer and an industrial quality centrifugal pump. This last being the only movable part of the units.

The control panel, designed for ease of use, provides easy access to temperature controls, pump and the electrical system. All the controls are comfortably placed at the operators reach. All units include adjustable pressure control, 20 micron exit filters, pre-calibrated safety valves, individual feedstock circuitsk, methanol recoup systems and much more.
Additionally CentralBioDiesel provides a full line of accessories and add-ons that allow for capacity expansion and ease chores as settling, methanol extraction, centrifugal clarification, filtering and more. In the Add-Ons section you can find a wide range of additional and add-on equipment.

Consult with your CentralBioDiesel sales representative for the best combination of equipment for your project.

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