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Q: What is Biodiesel?

A: Biodiesel is non-petroleum based diesel fuel, derived from the transesterification of new or used vegetable oils, animal fat (tallow) and even fish oil. Biodiesel can be used, in un modified diesel engines, alone or blended with conventional petroleum based diesel fuel.

Q: Why use biodiesel?

A: (Cuando aprentan esta pregunta los llevas a :) http://www.centralbiodieselhtp.com/test/sp/porque_usar_biodiesel.php

Q: Can biodiesel be used in any diesel engine?

A: Yes. Not only can it be used in any diesel engine with no modification, but it is also better for your engine. Biodiesel's higher lubricity and cleaning capabilities keep your engine cleaner and more lubricated. This increases overall engine life.

Q: Is biodiesel the same as straight vegetable oil?

A: No. Using straight vegetable oil requires modifications in vehicles, such as heating tanks, parallel fuel circuits, etc. Diesel vehicles using straight vegetable oil, must first heat the vegetable oil in order to "thin" it. This allows the fuel pump to dispense it to the cylinders.

Q: Where can I get additional information on Biodiesel:

A: You can find additional information on biodiesel at the following web sites:

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodiesel

National Biodiesel Board: http://www.biodiesel.org/resources/biodiesel_basics/

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